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I want to show that I have been missing you for too long

I’m just not good with words

I talked to you but seemed like you aint that interested…

Am I just a fling to you?

Lets travel

Show me places I have never been

Lets sit on a coffee shop at the corner of the street and watch people pass by

Lets take a walk until our feet are broken

Trying to gracefully let go things that are not meant for me

Chances are

I see you somewhere in my dreams tonight

I’m scared to show I care

You know what’s sexy?

A real conversation.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is you

And the name that I say in my prayer before I go to bed is your name…

It is either you cause me happiness or pain…

I miss talking to you

I miss those stupid conversation…

Can we talk like we used to?

I’m just so confuse to start a converasation with you and I’m not good with words either…

I want to be intimate with you

Get naked

Connect to your mind and soul

Hold my hand,

Make me tell you I Miss You…

Kiss my lips,

Make me tell you I love you…

Touch me,

Make me scream your name…

I’m happy to talked to you this morning…

Can I make you portable?

So I can carry you anywhere I go

Takes time to heal,
When you hurt so much….

Bring me back to you
It is dark and lonely in here