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Numb by time and age

I love you in all the ways that hurts me

I’m torn…

Torn between a world where you are a dream,

And dream a dream where you are my world…

Its just a small talk,

But I can’t stop smiling


Are you sure??

Turn your phone up side down and see

Are you sure??

Turn your phone up side down and see

I wish the silent between us can make you miss me

My heart loves you

In all the ways my head knows not to…

I have so much to say you

But they never come out right

So I keep them to myself

I close my eyes

I want to escape,

And run away from everything

I want to drawn myself into the blue ocean

If that what it takes to take the pain away…


I’m missing you… That’s all

For a moment Love looks promising

Until it quickly fade away

And darkness swallowed me once again…


It feels a lot like Pain…

Solitude is bliss

If the feeling and affection ain’t there anymore…

If you are going to leave,

Make it quick!

Because the longer you take,

The slower you move,

The more I hurt and the more I break,

And I’m not sure how much of that I can take…

So the sooner the better!

Am I just a challenge to you?

Do you only want to see how far I would go?